Cinematic A/V Desync when in Turbo (Intel i5)

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I have an Intel i5 760, which allows me to use a program called TurboKey, which turns the button on m y case into a Turbo button. It switches the processor between standard 2.8GHz to overclocked 3.0GHz.

If I play a cinematic in game while in Turbo, the audio and video desync, the video going faster than the audio. When not in Turbo, the cinematic plays back normally.

Given that a lot of people overclock nowadays, I can't help but wonder if this problem will present itself to those who are overclocked traditionally, using settings in bios, or people who use another Intel overclocking feature called Turbo V, which lets you configure presets and adjust sliders within windows to overclock the CPU.

It could simply be a problem with just this processor, or just the Turbo Key method of overclocking, or even any method other than setting up your OC in bios.

Whatever the case may be, I thought it would be wise to report it. I would have done so in beta, but we didn't have cinematics in beta.
same issue with ASRock OC Tuner
Same problem here with a classic OC in bios.

I don't really care bout the cinematic, I just hope that this will not affect the gameplay.
omg, i am thinking now all the lag and assets issues here
hope was solved

i notice some fps drops in the main cinematic, most noticeable in normal or slow movements parts of the cinematic
Seems like any OC will do it, C2D E8400 with ASUS EPU6 Engine here.
The solution is to turn off TurboKey until the program is patched (if ever).
same cpu as OP and same software and i had the same issues. turned it off turbo mode and all good.
I have an i7 870 and turning off turbokey seemed to fix the issue.
I had this issue earlier, will try turning off my OC but it IS a little ridiculous that a game in 2012 suffers from such a huge error as a result of an overclock... something which has been common for what, 10+ years now?

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