Installation confusion xD

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I posted this in the general discussion but i felt it'd be better in technical support, no? xD.

So i think that this is a non-issue and that my game somehow installed correctly and completely regardless, but when i came back downstairs (since the install was preeeeetty long :P), i saw an error on the screen, but i also saw the patch downloader ready to start, and when it finished patching suddenly i could launch the game and what not. does this look like im good to go at 3 am?
If you're able to get to the Login screen, you're good to go, Cronos.
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That is really good to know Vel, thank you. I can get to the login screen but my launcher only has the game at 26% currently. Still going, but very slow. If for some reason it's not completely done by midnight will it still work like WoW, i.e. able to play just still dl'ing in background?

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