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Finished installing the game and I got a message that my video card drivers are not up to date. Anyone else get this message? I just watched the beginning of the game and it seemed fine to me. Sometimes I get the "graphics card driver had stopped working but was recovered" error when I am just messing around on the computer.

I have updated my gf cards before and the issue seemed to get worse so I got new cards Nivida 560Ti's. Just wondering if its worth up dating my drivers or not.
If the game plays with the video drivers you have without asking you to update them that will be ok.

Other wise you will have to update them!
If you are getting errors with the graphics card, try the 296.1 drivers but when you install them make sure you select the "Custom" installation so you can check the box to "Perform a Clean Installation" this generally fixes a lot of those issues with the "display drivers have stopped working" errors.
Just update your drivers.

Either way the game will run.
Yes sir. This is important that you update.

Go to Start > Run > type in DXDIAG > Now go to the DISPLAY tab > Look at your graphic card there also to the right will show your driver version.

Go to your vendors site... nvidia or amd

Find your graphics card and look if they have a higher number version.. if so update!

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