Still getting the "Unexpected decryption"

Technical Support
Even After re doing the installer....I still have "Part files" and it's still not letting me install.........I dunno what to do...getting real frustrated here
having the same issues have no idea how to fix and cant find and blizz post about it
Use the downloader to finish off downloading the .part files?
Had the problems. All I did was go back to your account, re-download it, and it went through just fine.
like DL the whole game again?
when i re-downloaded it it went right back to downloading the actual game except it bypassed the error thing so now im downloading it
ok...i tried to dl the installer from my downloaded the "setup" thing...I ran it...seems to be working ok....but I still have the blizzard downloader running...should I go ahead and close it since my game's installing?

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