Oceanic Players - What Server Should we Play?

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Title. For both latency and hopefully no tuesday maint in our primetime.
We've been dumped onto The America's. We go live at 5pm EST.
Considering the only server open for Beta was Americas, and the ping was generally around ~190 - ~350, i'd say play on America.
Mainly because the majority of ANZ player base will be on that server during our prime time.

However, I'd think that if they do weekly maintenance it will still be on our Tuesday night. :(
There are no SEA servers, we're tagging with the US hence we have our own sub-forum here.
What I am curious about is whether if we play on the EU/SEA servers we can dodge the farking Tuesday maints.
I read the AISA server agreement thing and Australia is listed along with NZ as the country's to play on that server

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