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I am running Windows Vista but when i go to change the compatibility mode it says Windows XP SP2. I am definetly running on Windows Vista though. Anyone have any ideas about this?
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I am facing the same problem. Vista Ultimate 64 user here. However trying all the things others posted, this worked for me.

1. Go to your C Drive: program files (x86)
2. Create a new folder and name it: Diablo III
3. Restart the launcher, if it works you will immediately see 1% downloading on the downloader.
4. Wait for it to complete and run the game.

I works for me as a vista user and not sure for the rest.
Still unsure of where to find program files (x86)
Been having the same issue. I was under the impression my Vista was up to date, but after installing several bull!@#$ unrelated Windows Updates, Service Pack 2 finally shows up... apparently almost 2 years after release. I'd just assumed I had it, and that "important" updates didn't have some ridiculous chronological que, maybe I'm just an idiot. Will report back if this fixes it.

EDIT: SP2 fixed it. Honestly have no !@#$ing clue how I didn't have it yet... I'm pretty bad with updating, but not that bad. Odd it didn't have some sort of priority.......
I had some ridiculous issues with Vista and WoW.

Turns out the trick is, DON'T put it in Program Files or Program Files (x86).

Create a folder like C:\Games\Diablo or something like that, install in there.
Program files (x86) is a windows 7 thing.. its just program files for vista users. from what I remember when I had Vista...
Will try what you are saying Smush. I've tried just downloading other newer SP's off the internet but they don't work either.

Any input would be appreciated lads.
when i try to download the SP2 it says element not found and wont download : (
See also the fix in this thread. It is about first killing and then restarting agent32.exe right before clicking the Install button in the installer. This solved the problem completely for me. I'm now running the game without any problems.

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