all kinds of install problems and everything

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ok so here is whats going on. i have downloaded the pre download and when it downloaded the first time it downloaded the whole game and now when i search for it it is gone. next issue when i search online people keep saying i need sp3 cant find a propper site it will do it from and yes i did windows update i have vista i exceed the min requirements for this game my vid card is fine. and now the next issue is sincer i cant find the game it dosnt create a shortcut on my desktop when i click the Diablo-III-Setup-enUS file it load the client and says i have wrong os and register my d3. now when i get this far it stays at 0% and dosnt move at all i let it sit the whol etime im lost im gettin really pissed can some1 help me fix this issue im haven.
and i can no longer get the installer
i now have the installer but still all the same issues as of above
You have vista? That is your problem, get rid of it.

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