Noob Gamer Girlfriend!--What class?

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All of my excitement surrounding Diablo 3 rubbed off on my girlfriend, and now me + her + 2 brotons have decided to play 12+ hours after the release. Unfortunately the only computer game my girlfriend has ever beaten is solitaire. I just installed D2 and after she awakes from her nap i will send her on a bootcamp.
Answer this question to help prepare to my noob gamer girlfriend

What class should she play?

In our group we have a punch mage, mage mage, and device mage(monk, wizard, and demon hunter)
I was thinking zombie mage(witch doctor) because even if she cant do much every once in a while she can cast something (mass confusion, pets, hex, etc) and really contribute to the group
Or maybe a hit mage(barbarian) so that she doesnt die as much?

Also if you have any pro tips for helping her d2 boot camp let me know!

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