Still Error 12 on Asian servers

Technical Support
bought the digital download a while back and installed it last night. guess what, it don't work.

i trawled through the error 12 threads and noticed i wasn't the only one.

i tried everything! EVERYTHING! went and double checked all the regions and such and I'm still getting ERROR 12!!!! >:(

so GMs have to manually flag us for it to be ok? what gives? who is managing the singapore players?
Global play is not yet activated so if you are flagged as being in a US region, which Australian and part of SE Asia is, then you have to wait until the US servers launch at Midnight. Global play will be enabled sometime (not specified) after all regions launch.
I'm in Japan, I got the digital copy but its global region and still getting, Error 12.

On my account my Country of Residence is set to Japan but now that I checked my copy of Diablo 3 its' GLOBAL.

Lucky I slept in today, rarely do these server log in games go well at launch these days...

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