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So do the Yearly Sub participants have full access to D3 when it launches, or do we have to buy it still?
I assume you mean the WOW Annual Pass?

If you have this you can dl and play D3.
Yes that's what I meant, thanks for the quick answer Sync :)
If you have the Annual Pass on your WoW account then the D3 game should be available under your Account Management for download and install now. Go there and click on D3. If it says "Active" then the game has been activated and you are good to go. Make sure you get the Americas region from the downloader.
Ok, I've done all that, now hopefully I won't encounter any of the hundreds of bugs flooding this forums..heres hoping for a smooth download :/
ok so here is a weird situation, i have the annual pass, i have logged into my account and downloaded the installer. Under Diablo 3 it says that the subscription is active.

When i login via the game, it errors out saying "Error, your account does not have a diablo III licence attached to it. (error 12)

Oh god, I hope your doing something wrong..:l
I believe it will be resolved at launch time and has something to do with server locations per the post I have seen.

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