Need to know if i can DL Diablo 3!

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Hi i need help downloading this game client!
I have downloaded the beta and played it perfectly fine but now im trying to downlaod the game client before it comes out tonight. Here are my specs :/!
My System Specifications
Operating System: Windows
CPU Type: AMD E-240 Processor
CPU Speed: 1.52 GHz
System Memory: 2.6 GB
Video Card Model: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics
Video Card Memory: 1.41 GB
Video Card Driver: aticfx32.dll
Desktop Resolution: 1366x768
Hard Disk Size: 286.11 GB
Hard Disk Free Space: 169.58 GB (59%)
Um, you do realize that none of your system specs come into play when you are downloading a game besides your internet connection and your hard drive right?
If your asking if you are able to run the game then, yes, I'd say your fine seeing as your hardware meets the minimum system requirements posted by Blizzard in their FAQ on this very same website. You will be able to run this game just fine as long as you dont try to set the options too high in the graphics menu. My advice for that would be just to let the game choose the default options for your computer because the guys at blizzard kinda know what their doing. ;)
Everytime i try and open this game client it takes me to a message that tells me that im below minimum requirements.

A message pops up and says taht the required specifications are a Pentium D 2.8GHz or AMD athlon 64 X2 4400+! idk what i can doto let it downloadd it is just stuck at 0%
Your CPU is much too slow. That is a netbook-level CPU which is designed only for light web browsing. You will need to buy a new PC to play the game.
I bought the anual pass and everything i have a free version coming in i downloaded the beta fine and actualy had the same exact popup come up when i was downloading it but it fixed itself D:!!!
This sucks!
Is there no way i can play this game?
Even if you were able to launch it, the performance would be unacceptable (you'd end up dying repeatedly due to the slowness).
Is there any way i can launch it manualy or something? I play world of warcraft completely fine and i never lag on the game even in 25m LFRs i am really desperate to play this game D:!
World of Warcraft is a game from 2004. You can't expect a game from 2012 to run even remotely as well as a game from 2004.
You are breakingmy heart rightnow lol holy **** i wanted to play this game so badlyD:!

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