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Right now my PC is being worked on by someone, the digital version never worked right on my pc even though the D3 Open weekend beta worked just fine, I got a refund on the digital version and I have gotten the Cd Version in the mail earlier today and have no computer to work it on til maybe later this week, I would like to know, Is anyone having trouble with the CD Version on their windows 7? I would like to know of any problems before I try it when i get my pc back, I would love to play diablo 3 so much and this is my first time being able to type on these forums as i've only owned the older blizzard games like D2 and Warcraft 3 as I dont pay for subscriptions on videogames most of the time, I'm just asking friendly if there is any problems I should be ready for when I put in my D3 disk for the first time in my computer, when I tried the digital version all I got after the blizzard downloader was that its not compatible with 64bit windows 7 at the time, so after I get my PC back I'm going to try the CD and see if it will work any better, Thank you for any replies ,
Ps: I've already gone through support several times and couldn't figure out the digital version with support reps either but that was before I brought my PC in for repair
I have no idea what your problem was, but if you had a problem with the digital download you'll probably have the problem with the DVD version as well. The game will need to download a patch right after installation.
How would I get this patch after installation? It wouldn't let me install , even better yet it wouldn't even bring me to the "fire from the sky has not yet fallen popup", it just brings up some thing like this - first it shows " updating Files" then it comes up with " Not compatible with 64bit Windows 7", if a Blue post could give me some advice about it and see if I can find a way through it or at least figure out where I would get the patch?

This is a very important game to me but I would have to have it fixed before I'd have to send it back to the store because I only have a certain amount of days before its not refundable where i live and I'm not keeping a game that doesn't work worth crap just to sit in my room reminding me I spent hard earned cash on something that never worked.

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