Diablo 3 install shuts off my computer

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I have tried three times now to install the game and each time my computer just shuts off like the power was killed to it. Always happens between 20-30%.

Please help.
Your computer is most likely overheating. This is very bad. If you don't know much about computers, take it to someone who does, and have them clean out the vents and fans, which are likely clogged with dust (or cat hair, or otherwise).
That's most likely the case. I periodically dedust mine to avoid that problem since the dust acts as a heat retainer.

Shut the cpu down. and go through with an air blower and do quick bursts, not sustained since most are highly compressed air which gets damn cold.

If you're still seeing a lot of dust after that, take some static free wipes, ground yourself so you don't short the system, and manually clean the dust off.

As VincentLaw said, don't forget the vents and fans either to get better air flow. Also, check to see how much stuff is in the CPU, as a bad harware setup (as in installed components blocking air flow) can also compound the problem. This is definitely something that would need a professional to do.

A quick fix is to take the side off the tower and position it right next to a fan as well. This is only a temporary one tho and can lead to more problems if done for a long time as it allows more dust in.
When the computer shuts off its like a complete power down however the power supply light and fan are still going for a few seconds after the shut down before also shutting off. That an overheat?
Downloaded a temp sensor for my cpu. The installer makes the temperature shoot up well above 60C.

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