Waiting 3 hours to play is BS

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I live in the eastern time zone and I bought the game at 12:00 like everyone and thier mother but I apparently have to wait 3 hours to play because the kids in California can't get it till it's 3:00am here! Thats garbage. I don't understand why I can buy a game but I'm not allowed to play it. That is BS.
yeah.. it pissing me off..
Blizzard is based out of CA. Naturally their events are held based on that time, so having a midnight event party wouldn't make sense at 9:00PM on May 14 just to satisfy the eastern coast. As long as blizzard remains a company of the PST its going to launch games based on this.

Try to understand this.
i was very excited till 12:02am im not excited anymore. V.V
They explicitly said 12:00 AM Pacific time everywhere they posted it. They can only release it for everyone, not a specific timezone (Since everyone would just lie).
They should be used to it becasue every other game makes them wait. But they have all night to play it i would have to stay up till 3effin0'clock
but i heard someone said asian already been playing this game now :/ so does it fair for us? :S
05/14/2012 09:21 PMPosted by Majeh
but i heard someone said asian already been playing this game now :/ so does it fair for us? :S

That's false.
Everyone wouldn't lie, only the hardcore fans would bother spending 2 dollors on a free for a day proxy to play early. It would also lessen the load on the servers allowing everyone to join and play in waves instead of all at once. The Asia and EU releases were terrible, a lot of people still cannot connect and will likely remain that way for quite some time. Expect the same here.

Skyrim launched 12AM for each timezone perfectly fine, and probably saved them a lot of headache with their authserv.
i would hope its false lol.
everyone in korea is already playing this game bc blizzard is half of thier economy (starcraft pro tourneys) They should just have regional detection on thier servers that way people cant lie. Waiting to play a game I already own is stupid.
Actually the Asian and EU realms have already launched because May 15th started long ago there! That is why Global play is disabled, so that people don't jump regions to flood those servers. They are launching by region and the US region is going off Pacific time.
So...after 3 hours waiting all who have global version can play at others servers? and doesnt matter what country at ur account?Or its just start for USA server?What we waiting ^) sorry for bad language.
No. Global play is disabled right now to keep people from trying to flood the servers who are a day ahead in timezones. That is one reason people keep getting Error 12...they try to log on to those servers when they have a US version of the game.

You will have to wait for the US servers to be unlocked and then you can play. Some time in the future they are going to enable Global Play. The stick about it is here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4917621943
today im calling into their support and woman said - today we will turn on function for global account and u can play with ur USA account at EU servers,hope she is say truth ^)
The fact people are playing in korea atm is cause its a different server from our own, they are launching the US server all at the same time. the fact it isnt launching for your preppy spoiled complaining self is cause Blizzard main branch is here, in cali. so its just going off of them. has nothing to do with the fact west coast cant buy it till then but that Blizzard is here. and not there.. jesus people whine about the stupidest of things. grow up. not everythings works just for you or revolves around you buttercup.

and the fact your even posting this in tech support? good grief.
Blizzard's servers are located all over the United States. their headquarters is in Cali. They could flip on the EST servers, then the Central time servers and so on. The server I play WoW on is an EST server in Atlanta.

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