Thank you Blizzard for your crappy installer

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I have my B:\ drive reserved solely for installing videogames, and I was just delighted to find out that I can't install this dumb game on it because the letter 'B' is reserved for floppy drives.

Guess what Blizzard? I can install Steam on B:\

I can install Crysis on B:\

I can install everything except your game on B:\ and now that I have to change the drive letter the dozens of programs that are already on it have gone to crap. Thank you for this great service.
Steam ahhh if only...nope stuck with Blizzard's crappy patching/install system.
I've seriously never encountered this problem in any games that have come out in the past 7 years or so.
I just purchased the game and I am having the exact same problem. 2 years ago I chose to make my new big internal HDD have the drive letter B: when I originally put it in, because all the external hard drives and flash drives I was plugging in and taking out were constantly assigning themselves letters anywhere from E to Z, depending on the hardware (and D was already taken by a full partition). I knew there would be no conflicts if I used B. Until now... in 2012... "the B drive is for floppy disks, didnt you know?!" Yeah I knew, I just didnt think it was the year 1999 anymore.

Seriously Blizzard, WHY? Why would you go out of your way to program a specific "floppy disk drive" restriction in your game installer, when every other install-wizard program does not include that restriction for obvious reasons? I know using the B drive for games isnt exactly the norm but come on, no other program I've ever seen or heard of has given me trouble because I'm using the "floppy-reserved" drive in an era where floppys are all but extinct. Maybe if I were using Windows 98 it MIGHT cause problems/not be allowed but its 2012 for pete's sake.

Right now I am in the process of changing my entire B: drive letter to "X:" so I can restart and install diablo III. Then after restarting again I will immediately have to change it back to B: again in order to keep all my other games and programs working. So, as the OP said, Thank you Blizzard for your crappy installer.
I have dealt with this for quite some time now (Also decided B: was a nifty game partition name), but I have discovered that if you throw the install on some form of temporary partition, then move it to your desired drive, the game will patch and perform as expected. You will run into issues again however (exclusively with World of Warcraft so far), when the game decides to perform its semi-annual optimization, where it will again decide the drive letter is unacceptable. Same fix as before though. A little inconvenient, but transferring an installation is quite a bit more desirable than changing a drive letter.

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