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Placed DVD into my DVD-rom and nothing happens it appears that my PC is trying to read the CD *getting the mouse icon with the CD next to it* and auto-play doesn't pop. Checked My CPU and it doesn't show a CD in my drive. Placed different games into said DVD drive and they pop instantly. Blizzard WTF?! I know I can DL a digi-copy after registering my CD-Key, but I bought a physical copy to use said copy now I have to wait for it to download the full game while I hold the box in my hands... this is effed up.
im having the same problem .... no idea
im haven the same problem, funny thing is i was first in line at walmart.... seriously im so ticked off right now. this a brand new dvd drive to... i know it works, installed border lands 1 like a month ago, ripped 2x cd's to my comp the other day. im seriously haven a mental break down.

the guy at walmart couldn't even find the collectors edition so i had to buy the regular copy. fblizz ill give u 40 bucks xtra just give me my wings and let me play my game... i dont wana download the digi copy now.. the bandwitchs are gona be so slow. this why i baught the physical copy...
Same with mine, but it's the computer not the CD. I put the cd into another computer and it detected it right away.
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Attach the CD key to your account and download it from

thats not cool... i didn't buy the game to do that... i was first in line. u know how long i waited. got right off from work and went straight to walmart. my friend yelled at me cause i didn't pick him up...
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i was first in line at walmart....
LOL - You must be made of nails to withstand those adverse conditions. If you can win walmart, inferno shouldn't be a problem for you.

You guys may be using an older drive that doesn't support the disc's security (ie SafeDisc/SecuROM). Swap in a newer drive real quick and see if that doesn't fix your problem.

Security has always hindered the customers more than their intended demographic. Not sure why they keep using those methods.
checked my drivers. they in check. but just tryed physically pushen my drive shut... actually worked... and its a brand new dvd drive, a lil over a month. HP pos, prob some refurb crap they... put back in the box at best buy... woopsy! still ill give them 40 bucks for the wings lol. its all i want

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