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If my video card is incompatible, what are my options? Do I need to buy a Desktop?
Anybody at all...
unless you're playing on a laptop.... I think you might just need a new video card?
however if you are on a laptop................... ouch.

also... you might wait 5 minutes before incessantly bumping your own post.
If your video card is truly incompatible, and is listed as such in this thread:

Then you will either need to purchase a new computer entirely (in the case of most laptops and prefabricated computers) or replace the video card (in the case of custom-built computers or nicer prefabs).

If you're unfamiliar with how to build a gaming computer but interested in learning, I'd suggest finding a friend to explain it to you (as in-person communication with someone who has experience on the subject will allow you to ask questions as they come up). Alternatively, you can look up how to do so using the internet (for example, though this is by no means the only or best resource).
There is way, way too little information to recommend a course of action.

1. If you're using a laptop, you need a whole new computer (laptop or desktop doesn't matter).
2. If you're using a desktop, we need you to do the following:

Press: Windows Key + R.

Type: dxdiag

Hit OK.

If it asks you a question, hit No.

Hit "Save All Information..." button in the bottom.

Save the text file somewhere where you can find it. Open the text file, copy everything inside, and paste it here for us. That will give us all the information we need to determine if you can play the game.
this is gay i did not just spend 4 freaking hours to download this game just to find out i cant play bc my vidoe card not good enough
awesome. fml.

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