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I just downloaded the game and it would say "Unexpected Error" I WAS LIKE WTF.

Then I went to redownload my launcher. What did it say?


I changed it to English(US) and downloaded the new launcher thing (It was 30mb instead of the other one which was 7mb) and now my install is working. All it did was update and patch the launcher and use my originally downloaded files. It's at 2% so far. (EDIT: actually it just downloads them in a different way, i'm trying to drag over the Installer Tome's now, will update if that works)

Wooo. Hope this helps. CHECK YOUR GAME MANAGEMENT PAGE. For some reason my D3 was on EU, SC2 is on US, and D2/LOD are on EU launchers. It makes no sense.

Also, I am from Canada, if that helps. West Coast.
Mines been on English(US) and still won't install :(
Just doing my best to help incase others are having issues similar to mine.

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