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San Antonio TX baby!!!

US Army!

Age: 45
City: Fort Worth
Main: Demon hunter
Tag: TexanGamer#1650

Looking forward to playing with some awesome Texan folks.
Age: 26
City: Lubbock
Main: Witch Doctor
Tag: Deadlyquiet#1858
Real ID: dayz20042003@live.com
go to http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4927184175 for this we have a huge list already.
Age: 22
City: Carrollton, TX
Main: Demon Hunter
Tag: inxanekilla#1635

Look forward to seeing everyone online! :D YAY!! The day is finally here!! ^_^ Darkness falls, we shall rise! Haha.
Age: 30 (when the F(*# did that happen)
City: College Station
Main: Monk
Tag: Abbracadaver#1196
RealID: tanktarget@hotmail.com

Also looking for a guest pass for a few days if anyone has one to spare.
Age: 21
City: Houston
Main: Demon Hunter
Tag: Ryan#1579

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