Diablo 3 installer replaced: Diablo 3 setup??

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So I got the unexpected decryption error alot of people have been getting. But when I try to re-download the installer as the sticky advises, I get instead a different file which is the actual setup and not the downloader. When I try to run the setup, I get no decryption error, but it tries to re-download everything from scratch. What should i do? I really don't wanna wait another ~12 hours for the installation files to download again.
Redownloading the 'setup', at least from your account page, is basically downloading the downloader. The 'preload' installer downloaded the entire game in one go, but is extremely buggy for me. The 'setup' installer installs 10% worth of the game, then streams the rest into your harddrive as fast as it can.

It seems to be similar to the new WoW launcher in that it allows you to play the game before installation is actually complete, just without necessarily downloading all of the files, so you may run into strange visual bugs like unfinished/untextured models. On the plus side, you can get into the game faster, and it continues downloading as you play.

I'm hoping (because I'm in the same boat as you now, albeit with a slightly different error) that it downloads the act 1 files before the rest so that when I do begin playing it will download resources from future acts before I get to them.

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