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Hi, Can't use the ASIA or EUROPE servers to log in as when i do try it gives me an error of "this account doesn't have Diablo III activated.Error 12" or something like that.

Anyone else get this ????
Everyone is getting this error, do not worry I believe they are working on it. The Americas servers should not have this issue, they are up in 3 hours time.
Servers won't be open till 5pm GMT+10.
Thought they mentioned global play was not enabled until after launch?
Global mode goes live with the US servers apparently.
Thanks, I have read some of the other threads... Thanks for the Replies though.

Thought you would at least be able to play the single player while waiting for the multi-player/Battle.Net option to come online... sucks like that waiting 8 hours after we can buy it to be able to use it !!!
Same as here, got error 12 when login
Yeah we have to wait until 5PM local time for the US servers to go online before we can logon.

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