Sigh... EDT and CDT were overlooked...

Technical Support
It's sad that I now have to wait until 3 AM just to play the game I preordered a year ago... Sigh... No gaming for me... This is messed up that there is no staged release... Thanks Blizzard...
Be great full you can at-least get the damn game to work.. Feel free to view all the other threads and see how much worse than waiting a couple more hours could be.
no overlook, staged release was planned (always works wonders to read about your problem before making a post about it)... also mountain would be missing out on some time too.
The d3 servers are down because they had many problems during the asia launch. they have taken them down and announced they will bring them up at 12:01 am Pacific time to give them some time to fix it before having to make any more announcements.
I would not be surprised though if they needed a little longer than this as many of the problems as you can find on posts here yourself have been revolving around asking for a physical disk on digital download copies and saying keys are invalid etc.
The US server isn't down - it is offline for 2 more hours because it hasn't gone live yet. The error message you get when you log in and it won't accept your error 33.

I'm sure they are working on things so the Americas launch is more smooth than the others earlier, but you can't take something down if it's never been up. Planned activation was midnight Pacific.

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