System Requirements for D3, Help?

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I am trying to install D3 and its telling me I need a higher operating system to install it but I can run WoW and SC2 on pretty good settings perfectly can someone please tell me what I can do other then buy a new computer? I have a fairly new alienware that I shouldn't be having this problem
No. You need an Alienware. V 2.0.
Higher operating systems doesnt mean you need a new computer. What windows are you running?
This doesn't sound right man, If you run WoW on good settings you should have no problem with this. I think it's just a technical error. Wish I could help more but I know you can run this game fine if you do run WoW on good settings.
Windows Vista Home Premium 6.0 and yeah man I have no idea I am downloading updates right now for my comp hoping that does something
the updates made it work thanks guys

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