2 inferno builds -> suggestions?


The weirder one first :)

The idea is to use fury for mobility instead of damage and so that you can get to the top priority targets quickly. Also it could let me position myself so i can hit the most targets for overpower and revenge for life regen, and AoE damage. Frenzy smite for single target and to help with survivability. War Cry for defense and fury for when you need it. Battle Rage to help out with slightly low damage. The first two passives seem to be really good for inferno, and then the last is because in terms of gearing this build would go for vitality and health (for bigger heals with overpower and revenge).


The major difference is just the relentless. Once you drop below 20% life, you would be able to easily keep multiple enemies stunlocked until they died and you get healed by globes. The other build is if I didn't like being so risky at 20% life.

Both builds start fighting a hard group by pulling one guy in and then frenzy smiting him to death for a decent amount of fury as the others close in and then seismic slamming guys to keep them out of harms way of yourself/group. when no fury, you can groundstomp for survivability, and you can leap for getting to the important guys/running away (which is why i took armor instead of stun so rune helps with both uses). Also, the ancient spear heal seems to be pretty decent to make the skill useful even when you don't need the pull like on a boss (plus dec damage).

Could easily switch frenzy smite for bash clobber because I may not have taht good of uptime on frenzy with all the other skills

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