Diablo 3 being Global? It's not!

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I live in Australia

I am waiting for the American server to go up tonight

Anyway, in the meantime I wanted to try out Asian server (I am Korean) as it was up roughly 12 hours ago.

My account says that Diablo 3 is GLOBAL

but when I try to join the Asian Server, an error message comes up saying I do not have Diablo 3 license registered under the battle.net ID.

Is this temporary until all the servers are up?

Your account does not say it's global....your game version is global - and so is every version in existence. Your account says you are in Australia, which means you can only play on the American server.

Global Play is not yet enabled.....until all the servers are up and the loads balance back down.

If they had enabled it....everyone in the entire world would have tried to sign into the Asian server when it went live (you did...) - and it had plenty difficulty handling just the people currently located in Asia.
Fair enough
Still when the game says global, I'd expect it to be available globally soon when all the servers are up. So that was pretty much my question

but I thought it might have worked since I have changed the language setting to Korean =P
That's all

Thanks for the reply
They did say that once all the regions were up and stable that they would enable Global play :) They just did not give a timeline for it.
Does anyone have a bleak idea when this will happen? Also, if you change to the EU server from the US server would your character from one server be available on the other?
I played on EU server for couple of hours. But now it has been down for 4 hours. So I tried US server and my character + achievements won't be available there.
So disappointing launch day!!! :(

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