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Hi, as the title say's, I believe all the data i've downloaded via the client has just been reset. Today I was almost finished with the download - 6GB finished - and then i shut down my pc for a few hours while I ran an errand. Upon attempting to finish my installation, i noticed that all of that progress was was at 0% complete. I don't understand. I had really hoped to be able to play d3 tonight (or tomorrow, w/e). If there is any solution, please let me know. I am not very program-savvy and i need some help. thank you in advance.
bump of desperation. i bought the 1-year subscription for a reason.
Mine somehow reset during the night, woke up and the downloader was closed. Checked the folder and it had stopped at 5.26gb and when I restart the downloader it checks the files but starts downloading at 600mb. Goes to check the folder again and the files i downloaded lastnight is yes 600mb......

"bump of desperation. i bought the 1-year subscription for a reason."
I feel you on that one..

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