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Hey guys, I had an issue installing as well as playing the game once I got it installed. What I have found is that Agent32 or some other app/dll does not like windows 7. So for those having the same issue the fix I found is to run the installer in compatibility mode for xp service pack 3 or vista sp 2 and it works fine. You will need to run the game in the same fashion. This seems to be the same bug Win 7 users encountered in Beta.

Now a question for the tech guru's here. Does running this in comp mode vs running it in win 7 64 bit cost me performance etc? If so is there a fix you know of?
I have the same issue. I was able to download the game with no problem but when I go to launch the game the updating launcher settings window and progress bar pops up. The bar progresses to about halfway and the window blinks and the bar just keeps resetting and never goes past the halfway point. It will do this continually until I close the window. I tried it with administrator priv. only and no improvement so I set the compatibility to xp sp3 as well and bingo up pops the launch window ready to go. This is the same thing I had to do in the beta as well. So the info. that Blizz posted about this very thing seems to be erroneous at best since it would appear that Win 7 users need to run it in compatibility mode anyway. I just hope that once the game launches here that no problems arise concerning this but at least I can get to the launch window at this point.

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