error 37 what does it mean

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The experience is !@#$! we don't pay for watch "error 37"!
Error 37 basically is the login servers are under heavy load and you have to keep on trying.

It's not wholy unexpected on a launch day.
Apparently spamming 'paste' on your password doesn't get you in faster...

Maybe they should hand out a banner for anyone who gets 10,000 failed login attempts
Aww man i was in, all i had to do was choose a character and keep trying to make one... i HAD to press back.. :-(
05/15/2012 12:09 AMPosted by Alyxandar
You would think since Blizz are the ones selling the game they would know exactly how many people have a copy for launch and cater to the ammount. You would also think having hosted WoW, D2 and StarCraft they would have experience at having big, stable servers, but apparently we over estimated them.

This from my experience of all the games you stated is the worst opening.
this is annoying me, error 37373737373737373737373737373737 go away and let me play
New world record for attempted login's
Takes me back to the ol' days of D2.
and switching servers gets you a error 12... trololol?
FIX THE ERROR ALREADY -______________-
Awesome work Blizzard thanks !!
05/15/2012 01:09 AMPosted by Chiron
Takes me back to the ol' days of D2.

lol so true, but this is suposed to be beter
I could cry right now, cant get into servers and swotor is down aswell. Hate my life.
Blizzard reached there download limit.
Was timing out on Hero List. Now it stops everytime after Battle Net Servers first tick.
Have we been forgotten????
yeah i got in on my third attempt at 5:01pm and was like yeah!!!! but couldn't get character created....then bam computer restarted for some reason and haven't got back yet...i just keep trying every 5mins or so a few attempts then come back....oh well i was expecting this anyways
another failed attempt, that makes 35
[quote]Posted by Chiron
Takes me back to the ol' days of D2.

lol so true, but this is suposed to be beter

Yeh but you could just play offline until it came good..... thats what i did... I cbf spamming my password anymore gonna play lol
an hour in and im still getting error 37...... i think its riot time

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