error 37 what does it mean

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I uninstalled and reinstalled Diablo 3 and now the error doesn't pop up, this worked for me.
LOL im getting REALLY good at typling my pw now tho....
just log into the character page... GG time out!! CMON GAYZzard
Just paste your password to notepad, copy that- and then you can just keep going Ctrl-V in the password area for the login.
hope it helps you spam faster :)
Knock Knock!!! LET ME IN!!!
this is a joke what a rip off
i cant go in.....
error 37 fixed???
time out error
05/15/2012 12:09 AMPosted by CrackFiend
SIGH....... ten years waiting i suppose i can handle 10min. after that i cant take responsibility for my actions.

Yes you can. It's called 'you always have responsibility for your actions'.
who cares if i wated 10 years of this i can wait until they fix it... lol
Na českém trhu je to to samé error 37. Zase čekat celý den :D to je blázinec :D

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