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Me too
same here :(
gg :(
............Same problem here.... halfway expected... time to sleep and play in a bit....
welcome to the club
I wonder how much longer we will have to wait for a fix. Sigh...
I got something that didn't have a error code.
Can't create character. Invalid party.
Same problem. I'll give it some time as I'm guessing the servers are totally overwhelmed for the initial volume of players.
same here
Same here. I suspect it is some kind of check to determine whether or not a given name you are choosing is taken or something like that - and that it is hanging on the check.
I thought I got lucky when I got logged on.

But only 9 mins after it launched.
This is so frustrating. From installing, updating, and now we can't even create a character. Thanks Blizz for keeping me up until 2:15 so I can stare at the character selection screen.
Just made some coffee. In it for the long haul.
error 300008
Stuck on the same error as well. I'm not logging out unless blue tells me to because all my friends are getting Error 37 now
Same. I'm too scared to try and relog.
same :(

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