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okok I tried all of the guides to fix this. they didn't work for me. until I found a random post regarding the agent.exe (I reccomend process explorer to browse processes) process that seems to screw it all up. THE BATTLE.NET FOLDER CREATED WHEN YOU RUN DIABLO III SETUP.EXE IS CORRUPT FOR UNKNOWN METAPHYSICAL REASONS FOR A RANDOM PERCENTAGE OF UNFORTUNATE SOULS.


the guy posted a link to what is above ^

I replaced my BATTLE.NET folder with the one included in this download. (the download folder is somewhat jumbled)

The apparent difference is that where agent.524 and agent.954 are
agent.524 is corrupt and needs to be replaced by agent.913

Just replace the agent folder within the battle.net folder in C:\ProgramData\Battle.net

**Disclaimer** I didn't make that download. somebody else did. download at your own risk.

This process worked for me and now it is installing fine.

Hope this helps.
this gets you trough the updating error, but it will still not launch the game since most people with this problem have issues with how Agent.exe updates itself and the launcher needs to check for Agent updates in order to update and launch the game.

so yes, this works but it dosent solve the problem at the same time( at least not for me my game still wont launch)
sorry man. just trying to help. now im stuck on the ~70mb update...
Agent.exe is how Blizzard checks for updates, missing files etc. It's used by the installer to download the game to install, and it also runs every time you run the game launcher to check if there are updates available.

As Mizarus stated, downloading somebody else's folder will truly solve the problem of the missing files, however you'll still get the 'greyed out launching' situation when you try hit 'play', which is usually followed by 'updating setup files' again.

There really isn't any way around trying to figure out what one of the 15 different things is keeping agent from properly connecting to the internet and writing files to your hard drive. Security permissions, firewall software, stopped services, IE connection settings, or any number of other things could be keeping it from working. I agree - it's an overly-complex solution, but that's what happens when they try make it all happen behind the scenes.

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