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05/14/2012 08:55 PMPosted by Ellyn
Got the box up now to tell it I have already activated and it goes to start installing but then the pop up appears for the error occurring and closes itself off. Going to try it a few more times then I guess if that doesn't work, download it again. 7.6gig download isn't a small deal so I'm not very happy about this. At least my new month starts on the 17th but it's really not acceptable to allow us to download early then have to re-download to bypass errors. Trying to just accept that this is exactly why you've given us the earlier window of time to install before servers go live, but it's so frustrating!

05/14/2012 08:56 PMPosted by Ýmer
now this is just absolutely ridiculous....why the HELL would you let us download the client all night download for most...when we have to delete it all and do it again??? WTF?

Having the same problem.
Basically, I downloaded the game, all 8gb back in April when I pre-ordered it.
Today I tried installing it and I get error message asking me to put in the Installation CD. But I downloaded a digital copy...
So I tried redownloading the installer again on account.
But now it's redownloading the whole game again.

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