12:01 launch and getting error 33

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Its 12:27eastern and have been trying to log in since launch. All i get is error 33 stating battle.nets down. Anyone else having this issue?
Yes. Im in Boston and purchased the game via digital download. its 12:31 and I am so lost on this downloading. At first I thought I just redownloaded the beta because it gave me an option to purchase D3 while it was downloading?
Now that it has downloaded I can put in my user name and PW but it says error 33

I dont know if what I downloaded was the game or beta because the screen was different when I 1st downloaded (showed a story by cain through download) but when it froze at 42% because I didnt have an "activated" account I deleted and redownloaded. This time (2nd) as I was downloading the game the story by cain wasnt there and the download screen was the same as the beta one was, with the option to purchase D3. However now that its downloaded completely I have options to change visual effects I believe werent available in the beat ... so I think its the real deal however when I put in my user name and pw it says error 33

Also I dont recall downloading any patches.
I dont care about the details of the downloading (although if I did download the real game they should take away the icon that says "pre-purchase now and be ready to go when the servers go live" because it is misleading) but I would like to know if everything I have done is fine and the servers on the east coast (or all Americas servers) are just down - that way I can goto sleep and try again tomorrow


game doesnt launch until 12am PST
Your on the east coast, the game wont be available until midnight on the WEST coast.
Diablo III is almost here! Servers go live on May 15 at 12:00 am PDT
I can only assume they do not teach timezones in school anymore :/
Oh crap.. lol I guess I didnt read that

Any advice on the download screen? Anyone else have the option to pre-purchase the already purchased digital download while downloading?
what we really have to wait for gay claifornia?!

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