Seriously need help

Technical Support
So no one can help me with my Updating Setup Files i can't even download the game with battlenet.

Can someone atleast PLEASE upload the installer somewhere for us having a problem that can't be fixed have another method to install the game?
Yeah, I pick up the setup file from my page, run it as Run As Administrator.

I get the window that says Updating Setup freezes at about 30% and then I get constant ErrorReporter pop-ups.
I going to work now blizzard, hopefully by the time i get home you have this issue fixed, i signed a contract with you and you are voiding this contract. just remember you have no problem screwing my credit up if i void it, so i will have to follow through to get my money back. i didnt sign up to pay for 180$ for a game i have to wait a week after release to play. i expect this by the end of release day. I even tested on the beta and im in every other beta you have. WE BETA TESTED THIS TO PREVENT THIS, it is your servers refusing to let people download a game you make us pay for. when i pre downloaded the cient and it said the fires havent yet fallen form the sky, i didnt think it meant the destruction of a game company ive loved since 1993, i still own diablo 1 on my original playstation, ive been waiting 15 years to see the final chapter to this trilogy, i even payed in advance. if i went and bought this retail atleast id have a pretty box, but no i supported your annual and even gave world of warcraft a 2nd chance because of how muchi have enjoyed blizzard's lore. im very dissappointed in you, i expect this from microsoft or activision but not you guys. You are griefing loyal customers who like me wouldve waited 6 more months if needed for a product that was ready to released. but instead you rush it for the younger crowd who hasnt seen you guys since the days of the lost vikings. your company has gone downhill, you used to be the best. now you seem to be just like the rest. rush a unfinished product to please a crowd that wouldnt even be loyal.
Blizzards flawless quality to fix almost anything lessened quite dramatically the moment they wasted their time on their online only DRM.

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