Achievements got wiped?

Bug Report
I've been playing since the midnight launch and i've gotten a crap load of achievements but when i logged off to take a break and then logged back in later all my achievements were wiped. For example im in act 2 and it says that i havent even crafted any items or found the blacksmith / lvld him up. Also i do not have my Closed beta achievement lol
I'm in the same boat, but only just hit the Fields of Misery. Did keep my "visited areas of Tristram" or whatever one though.
A few of my achievements, including acquiring followers, killing the Skeleton King, and more are missing as well.
Same - I don't even have the "found blacksmith" achivement, even though he's right in front of me crafting away. On twitter several users have complained of the same. Affecting banner unlocks too.
same problem for me my achievments have been wiped, i only have a few of what i had gained still showing...
No, this is a feature. Now when you play again, you'll still get achievements! Pretty sweet, huh.
Same problem here. Lost all achievements. I kept my "one of the chosen" and "collectors edition" feats of strength.

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