Are you Fing kidding me?

Technical Support
I can deal with the error 37, that I understand, but we are going to throw a 315300 in your face just to mess you up, then after a while we'll change it to a error 3005.......because we like numbers?

pick one error and stick to it!
Nunya, you're likely getting actually different errors.

E. G. maybe one represents 'server is too busy, login attempt rejected', and another is 'server thought it could take you, but the internal processes to log you in timed out, so guess it's really too busy'.

And that ignores the complexity of a load-balanccing system which might itself be overloaded (error 37) and then when it can take you, accidentally hands you off to a system that's actually also overloaded. Ooops.
Error 36, system was too busy to give you 37...

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