stuck @ "updating setup files "

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^ stuck @ "updating setup files "
for three hours.
Have you tried the fixes?
i've tried those fixes. the gamefront etc etc files to replace. ive tried server admin, ive tried deleting files. i've tried every suggestion on the forums and im still stuck. been over 24 hours now.

i just deleted the folder from the program-data folder and it started working for me.

if you cant find the right folder do a search for the file agent.exe and look at the folder paths in the search results - you can right click the desired file and select open containing folder - back track a bit and then press delete.

then just run the first install exe you downloaded and you might have success - from what i can tell from looking at logs if it stalls in the middle of updating and you start it again it gets another authentication key and so wont work on what you already downloaded - you gotta start fresh

just a theory though
that helped Knarral,

i had the owner of the computer log on their user, as their the primary admin, wether your a secondary admin nor a just a admin, you will need to use the primary admin account to install the direct setup of the game & installation.

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