[Solved] Diablo III Friends List empty

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My friends list is completely empty when I log into Diablo III, however it works fine in SCII and WoW. I have friends currently online and playing, but nobody ever appears in the list in Diablo III.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My wife (on our same network) is able to see her friends (but doesn't see me when I log in), so I don't expect a problem with my modem/router. I've disabled Windows Firewall but that hasn't helped either.

Maybe you should re-add all your friends. I seriously don't know what to do about that.
I tried readding my wife's account, but she didn't get the request :(
I have the same problem. I changed my battletag during beta and now my friendslist is completely empty in D3 and I can't add/receive any friends request. When I log in to SC2, however, I can see all my friends.

edit: I found out why. I downloaded the european english client and it autoed to europe server instead of american server. Gotta switch that in the options.
Same problem!
Croissant, you are not only my favorite baked good, you are also now my favorite person.

That was exactly my problem - had to change the server in account settings to American server.
That is MESSED UP! Thanks SO MUCH for the fix though!

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