Not running smoothley!!!

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yes im having issues with playing. even with graphics turned completely low to where it looks like complete !@#$, it still does not run smoothley. there are constant jumps and for instance when you walk and your screen moves its not smooth at all it just jumps a little and please
I'm having the same problem. I turned everything down and it's SUPER laggy. I play World of Warcraft on mid settings and everything runs perfectly. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.
ya i can run wow fully loaded and it runs smooth as eggs...but this one even on very low runs like !@#$....the default settings are set on ultra without me altering them so i know if it runs wow perfectly then somethings wrong with the game itself...everything else runs great.

thanks you anori for responding because for a moment i really did think it was my computer
No. In fact you are not alone my friend on this issue.

There is a thread ongoing with many persons having same issue
a lot of people are having this problem, i saw a guy with a REALLY AMAZING computer set up and he was running horrible too, idk wtf is going on but its frustrating, im SO GLAD i did not pay for this game.

my computer runs wow on medium settings at 60+ FPS
on diablo 3 with super ultra low settings i get 8-10 at best.

i updated my drivers and everything, it still doesnt seem to work.

ill just stick to wow until my annual pass runs out
Posting this without computer specs is like saying "how do i get to the post office" without telling us where you are

Or are you just complaining?
I also noticed that there is an option to smooth out model edges.......its deffinetlely checked on my video settings and the edges look like !@#$.....i don't get it.....the beta ran better than this.
Post your computer spec plz
Posting this without computer specs is like saying "how do i get to the post office" without telling us where you are

Or are you just complaining?

Specs don't matter...there is another thread 4 pages long with peopl who have awesome computers and are having the same issue.
Everyone is having the same issue, it`s called "loading assets" but UNBELIEVABLY, developers keep on saying that "We can`t reproduce stutterings, the gameplay is smooth" they are like joke.. Epic fail.
I don't need to post my specs because I know my computer is fine. There is obviously something wrong with the game. I suspect it might be the high volume of players all hopping on at once? Who the !@#$ knows. I didn't sign an Annual Pass for this. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon.
dell xps 8300. 2nd gen i7 3.40ghz

GeForce GT 545 1GB

8mb ram...nuff said...
8gb ram sorry
Mine jumps from about 0-140 FPS and lags crazy hard. Work perfectly fine for 3 secounds freezes for 4 secounds :/
Whats wrong with my game, I feel like my comp should run this fine but I am not as computer savy..

AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor 2.80GHz
4gb ram
ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics

are my specs too low or should I be able to run the game, is something else going on?
Well, we are May 2015 and diablo 3 scrolling is still giving me a bad game experience.

This has nothing to do with hardware, network or whatever as all other games run fast and fine
(WoW, HOTS, path of exile, LoL, etc...).

I don't have rubberband effects like at game (horrible) launch, but frequent freezes (these type of freezes occurs also in HOTS beta, mainly when many players are on the display window) and permanent not-smooth scrolling (kind of step effect).

This seems IMO a game engine design issue although I can't say if it's server or client side and certainly has to do with the game network protocol layer design. (don't want to say I'm a pro, but well, I'm an embeded software engineer who did quite lots of real-time software integrations with many industrial communication protocols so I'm used to "feel" where the bugs are...)

Will Blizzard fix this ? And globally, do you, at Blizzard HQ, intend to spend a bit less money in marketing and a bit more in gaming network R&D, so that we all get what we should for the money ? Regards.

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