Video MODE not supported? (not card)

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My uncle is trying to install the game, and it installed fine, but after he pushes play, this line of text appears multiple times before the game closes to desktop.

i dont know his exact comp specs, but i know his rig is above the recommended and he is using xp with sp3 (which is supported) and a quadro fx 3700 video card (which is also supported, and is the same card i'm using with no problems).

i've tried searching the forums, however nobody else seems to be getting this.. so i'm not exactly sure what the problem is let alone how we can go about fixing it.

anybody have any idea at all?
Does the game work in window mode? I had a similar problem, when pressing "play" the screen turned black and the monitor said "Mode not supported". Turned out it was a problem with the resolution.

To change to windowed mode, go to C: Documents and settings / (Your username) / My Documents / Diablo III / open D3Prefs and Browse for DisplayModeWindowMode "0" and change it to 1.

If the game works in window mode, you can go to the "options" menu and select the correct resolution (try different ones until one works)

If the game doesn't work at all in windowed mode, then I'm afraid it's a different problem.

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