Am I the only one who remembers WoW launch?

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Also, anti-piracy is the way to go. If Blizzard didn't launch their games this way they would be stuck in the same sputtering situation console games are in and wouldn't have been profitable enough to have brought World of Warcraft to fruition, let alone Diablo III.
People have the right to demand refunds because "they can't play RIGHT THIS SECOND." How long have they been building this game? It is a single player game, or at least it is supposed to be. Why would you mess with a good thing? Diablo 2 so successful because it was an awesome single player game with an awesome multiplayer option. If it is not broke don't fix it.

With the money, experience, and the amount of time put into making this game, this is inexcusable. Blizzard needs to pull their collective heads out of their rectums and so do all the WoW fanboys who are making excuses for them.
WoW WotlK
WoW Cata

What do their launches all have in common? You can't honestly say you didn't see this coming.

That does not make it ok. That makes it worse. when is Blizzard going to get their @#$% straight. This is not even the same type of game as the others. This is what happens when what used to be a good company, gets too big and successful to remember who made them that way... the customer.
05/15/2012 11:54 AMPosted by Mummra
A bad launch 7 years ago isn't an excuse for a bad launch today.


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