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I know this isn't a technical issue but there are no general customer service forum like the WoW forums have so this is the closest I can get.

Awhile back I called customer service to ask them a question regarding whether I could chose to get a second key for my annual pass copy instead of the 4 months of game time. The representative had to go ask a higher up regarding that policy and came back stating I could but I would have to call first before I applied the key or else the game time would be applied.

About 2-3 weeks afterwards, it was announced other CE owners could buy a digital copy, overwrite and receive a second key to gift so I believed that enough people had asked about it and the policy was all set up for it.

Just now, I got off the phone with customer service and I was told that it was never the policy for AP and CE owners to chose. I'm not sure whether the previous rep/supervisor were misinformed or the representative I spoke to was just trying to clear phone lines.

Could someone clarify which person was correct.

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