Your graphics card not supported?

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"I had the exact same problem. Here's how to fix it.

Open up the launcher, and click play. Press escape when you see the warning I'm sure you've already seen. It will try to play the game. If it still fails, do the following:
1. Go to libraries/documents/Diablo III, and open up D3Prefs.
2. Look for DisableTrilinearFiltering "0", and change it to "1".
3. Look for HardwareClass "0", and change it to "1".

Then, try launching the game again (making sure to press escape at the warning), and voila, it works. At least, it worked for me. Try it out.

My guess is that the Intel 4 chipset does not support trilinear filtering, so if you try disabling it, the rest of the game should be supported. Best of luck to you."

Dont remember who posted it, but IT WORKS.
This worked for me. Thank you
My Hardware Class was default set to 2. I never received a not supported error but i have choppy gameplay graphics.

Any suggestions?
I posted it.

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