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i completly updated my computer, had a nice and easy install, everything seems to work ok, just a lil bit sluggish, finaly after an hour i connect and as soon as i go to start single player i get.... ERROR 3003 (disconected from service) & (player disconected)
so i check to make sure my internet connection is good, and for $200 a month my internet is superb. so no issues there, no issues with outdated drivers or software.
servers are down for one hour
I am having the same issue is the servers down already?

hopefully adding more servers since I couldnt even log onto single player.

I got kicked out messing with my banner.
yep same error looks like servers are down for maintance
bought this game and cannot even play offline (at least) pissing me off
im getting this error trying to log in for the first time wtf is up?
i hope its one hour
Can we expect an ETA from Blizzard??
yeah I bought the game yesterday and only played for like 1 hr took the hole day off for the too
they should put out updates to say how long
Damn I just got off work and have to wait another 1 hour bah owell I bet it's going to be worth it.
05/15/2012 02:38 PMPosted by MARTIANZ
they should put out updates to say how long know, instead of complaining, could watch the server status...Green arrows means its working. Until then they are working on it. "OMG I waited 12 years and because everyone and their mother crashed the servers I want my money back WAHHH!" it hasnt even been 24 hours....chill out. Even then, if it took them a week to fix this, its still an AMAZING game....

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