Error 37=FAIL Call Credit Chargeback

Technical Support
YUP I hear it is getting worse as expected. Probably the lucky few able to online were people like me who ordered the DLC directly from Blizzard and was ready at midnight. Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky ones after an hour of error 37 you win Blizzard you launch plan worked. Just wait it out until enough frustrated people like myself give up. I knew at about 1230-0100 it would get worse and the retail store people would be getting home and also trying.

Back to bed if it is offline still in 4 hours, I don't call Blizzard for a refund, call your credit card company they have fraud protection. Blizzard has to explain to them in a claim why the product they had no problem taking money in advance for was not available when promised. Sorry no sympathy from me , Activision Blizzard is a massive Billion dollar corporation. They can afford to spend the money on hardware, network, and infrastructure to meet any server demands, they chose not to.

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