Failed launch of a single player game, wow!

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This is the first time I've ever heard of a single player game failing it's launch because the 'servers are full'. I never knew that single player games needed servers that you are required to login to. Sure, I've heard of single player games that have online components that require you to log in, you know, when you want to play online. In fact, from what I see, there is no difference between this game and Diablo 2 except for some minor details when it comes to updating your character info (data mining...or better known as personal information gathering) and drop in drop out multiplayer (which is ultimately unnecessary when you are without internet connection and just want to play some SINGLE PLAYER). It almost seems like this is some form of DRM....but....*GASP* wait...would Blizzard ever dare distrust it's loyal fans like that?! NOOOOOO!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!...

I feel terrible for even thinking such a terrible though...


Screw this B.S. I only wish we held Blizzard to the same standards we do EA (who pulls this regularly) or Activision (oh wait...WHAT?!?!? this is an Activision joint?!? Who'da thought?!).
i've never bought an activision game and liked it. can't fathom why blizzard would even come within 50 feet of them
You do know that Activision owns Blizzard right?
Activision and Blizzard Entertainment still exist as separate entities.[9] The holding company does not publish games under its central name and instead uses its subsidiaries to publish games, similar to how Vivendi Games operated before the merger.[10] The merger makes Activision parent company of Vivendi Games' former divisions.

While Blizzard retained its autonomy and corporate leadership, other Vivendi Games divisions did not

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