Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

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Downloading the Nvidia system tools and just dialing my 8800GTX back from 600mhz clock core to 500mhz makes mine stable. I'll have to set it back to 600 and get you some temps.
Nvidia has system tools that install to your control panel. You can downclock and turn up the fan. I can turn up the fan full blast and this solves the heat problem for me.
I don't know what it is .. but I can tell you this.
when I got back from a Deployment, I built 2 new computers. one for me and my wife..

they are the SAME build. to the monitors and all.

I have updated the drivers on both.

My computer doesn't lock up.

Her comp freezes, then goes black for 3 seconds while playing diablo 3 about every 60 seconds or so (not exactly). It did this before and after I updated the drivers.

so given that info, it's an interesting problem. with same systems, 1 having issues and the other not.

We are both running single GTS 250's (why does mine work and her does not, lol?!)
All i had to do is reduce my gpu;'s clock speed. I have an xfx 9800gtx+ and it was clocked at 775 MHz. I took it back to 756 MHz and there has been absolutely no issues. The voltage is set at 1150 mv and my memory clock is at 1125 MHz. My gpu runs at 80 degree Celsius and i run everything max in game with no issues. 6 hours of game play in and not tab outs or failed driver messages.

I run the game on max settings. My CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q600 overclocked with 8 gb Ram and running windows 7 home premium.
Thanks a lot, downclocking REALLY HELP.
another nightmare comes...
that is when i watch videos esp from youtube,
the monitor get no signals (can still hear sounds for 5-6 seconds), and i must force restart the computer.

Im using GTS 250, driver: 296.10

Original setting (cant watch youtube, can play diablo 3 properly)
core: 738 MHz
memory: 1100 MHz
shader: 1836 MHz

revised setting (can watch youtube, screen turns black and resume)
core: 700 MHz
memory: 1050 MHz
shader: 1786 MHz

Not every clip does, but some clips certainly black me out.
The youtube clip that makes me die:
One thing I'm sure: If I resume the original setting, the video works fine
BUT surely, you know, cant play DIABLO 3 properly

anyone can help? Thanks.
Thanks for the info, all. Keep it coming! : )

Although I'm not having any blackscreens, I decided to test my heat levels on both my work and home machines. I thought I'd share my findings with you for comparative sake.

At home with my 460 GTX (the one with the cyclone fan like [url=""]this one[/url]) - I idle at 32C and hit 62C in Diablo III.

At work on my 275 GTX - I idle at 67C and hit 92C in Diablo III. Thankfully, no blackscreens or slowdown though. Admittedly, 275 GTXs are made to run hot.

At any rate, keep the info coming! The more data we can show the engineers, the better.

I think I may know what's causing the issue, at least it's an educated guess. Every time I get a black screen and the driver stops responding I have just received an achievement and I'm typing to someone, it might be worth taking a look at it as a possible cause, it's strange that scenario is always active when it happens, at least for me.

I think this might be the right answer, the problem offen occurs when I want to type.
Operating System - Windows 7 32bit
Video Card - GeForce GTX 260
Driver Version - 296.10
Max Video Card Temperature - 71c

Lowering foreground fps to 40 and increasing fan speed has increased the amount of time i can play between black screens.
Some are more severe than others; some will go back to windows and eventually back to the game while most just flick between black screen then back.
Ive had the driver stop responding a few times and one BSOD, after which the computer shut down- and that with the work arounds, so not a true fix for me.
Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Video Card Model - GeForce 9800 GT
Driver Version - 296.10
Max Video Card Temperature - 77*C
Operating System -
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120330-1504)

Video Card Model -
GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Driver Version - (( 296.10 ))

Current GPU settings-

Factory shipped settings
Graphics Clock: 732 Mhz
Memory Clock: 1900 Mhz
Processor Clock: 1464 MHz

Idle temp-
35-45c fan speed 28%

Diablo 3 temp and fan speed-
Max settings allow 90c fan speed 89% after 5 mins, 100% after 30mins.
After 2 hours GPU starts bugging out with flashing colors on screen.

Lowered all settings, FPS etc... No drop in fan speed to keep GPU temp under 90c.
Maxed all settings, FPS etc... same results pretty much down to the minute.

Odd when changing settings does nothing for GPU load.
Just entered nightmare level and still the problem is here ruining my fun and offering deaths when the screen goes black during a boss or heavy fight, even in normal. Underclocking, setting in the game helped just in making the game more playable, but the problem is STILL here and 5-6 days have already passed. Make a fix patch or something for the drivers or else me and surely other players will ask for a refund till the the problem is fixed. And this is not a threat, or even a warning. This is a normal reaction of a buyer when the product he bought has failed to please him and the company's suggested requirements are overcomed from the majority of the pcs. Still waiting...
Can we have some kind of aknowlagement from Blizzard that AMD cards are also having the same problem. This thread seems to be only about Nvidia yet the thread title leads me to believe that its general.

Lots of people have posted in the thread that AMD cards are causing lockups.
I have the same problem with 9800GTX+

Have read some things I should change and it might get fixed, so will try it out in a bit once servers go live again.

Hopefully I won't have to buy a new card.
As i told in another post, i solve this problem using the "Minimum effects" in game, options--> video--> and click minimun effects

I dont know if it will help but for me it stop happening.
Nvidia 9800 GTX+
Very annoying. Huge repair bills...
ok when it comes to this stuff I'm like dum founded,,, I follow the setpes it says to, but I'm not seeing any thing about a vedio card an less the Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT is what your talking about, right now as it sits with out even oping up diablo III the temperatures is reading 77 C all the way across, and I know last night when I tryed it, after I got the black screen and had to restart my computer it read 104 was its max, so hope that helps, at this point may have to just to stick with what I can play and tell I can aford a new computer
same problem
And my display card is ATI 6770
it makes me very disappointing
Operating System - Windows 7 Home Premium 64
Video Card Model - GeForce GT 240 (GDDR5 version)
Driver Version - 296.10

It's happened to me at different temperatures from 67 up to 82.

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