Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

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06/25/2012 09:39 PMPosted by burrito
0x3D (0xFFFFF88007320780, 0x0, 0x0, 0xFFFFF8800103C78E)

Not sure if this will help but i saw this after i googled your error code:

Its an interesting read and it has a fix but wow D3 did that?? lol
I have same problem with my gts250.
However,before I update my cards driver,there was no problem.
So I am downloading the old driver,for example 285.62 which was released in Nov,2011 by Nvida.
Waiting my test result.....
It's obviously NOT our computer problems. Everything was working fine for me until 1.0.3b patch came in.

Then the crashes/black screens/forced shutdowns all happen every 15 mins.

It doesn't make sense if other companies can make games which WE ALL can play with our average computers and D3 comes along and screws up all our computers due to some overwhelming spec demands.

Blizzard: We need you to REPLY, and WORK on this. It is OBVIOUSLY a problem with your game and the patches which you just did. Fix the bugs for goodness sake. Game is so buggy in so many aspects and I don't know how you guys can release it just like that.
570 here and was having the tab out issue every 1-3 mins, I ran selective startup with all but windows services disabled, game ran fine, enabled one by one until I narrowed it down to nvidia steroscopic 3D driver service, since I don't have a 3D monitor I just uninstalled the 3D driver completely and haven't had a problem since.
Hi Earl...

Thanks for that, a simple and easy 'fix' to try. I have done it and lets see what happens. I too dont havea 3D monitor so it cant do any harm to remove it full stop. :)
Ive had some problems with my PC lately. When im playing Diablo 3 for about 10 min it goes black and says a wierd noise all the time until i reboot or force a shutdown why is this ? its not overheat and my drivers is up to date ?
My temperature for my macbook air gets a heat temperature on 70-75 *C

It's getting me infuriated to not being able to play it without worrying that my macbook air will get smashed out by the escalating heat. Well well...
check out my thread, a temp solution to this problem
It is no use that roll back old drivers........
Just so everyone is updated, I did roll back to OLD 275.33 drivers. Set 40FPS foreground with VYSNC on. Everything is on 'high'.

... AND have not had Diablo3 shut my computer down since. I've stopped monitoring temps, I'm back to full overclocking of everything normally. I can actually use the auction house and play for hours.

Play experience is DECENT with these drivers at 40FPS but not as nice as the newest drivers or true VSYNC. Diablo3 complains about the drivers being outdated and tells me to update them :)

Any updates from Blizzard or other people found a fix with newer drivers?

(this is still 100% a Diablo3 issue by the way)
I'm also having this problem. My system is running a GTS 250 with an i7 920, 6gb of Corsair RAM. I have played with the most recent graphic drivers up until this point with NO problems. No over heating, voltage issues, etc. The problem starts 10-15 minutes after playing the game. My screen turns black, flickers a little, and then my sound goes out. My computer's fans sound like they are speeding up during all of this, but I'll double check with resource monitor. Going to try some of the suggested solutions to see if I can play for more than a half hour.....

This really irks me, Blizzard. Never have I played one of your games with so many problems. First, all of the stuff during launch (wtf, you guys can serve to more players than this game through WoW and have practically no problems after patches and etc...), and now this BS. Cmon meow, I have grown to expect more from such a great company. I realize testing is difficult and most of these problems are random and unforeseeable , but honestly....
I'm also having this problem. I'm running an:

EVGA GTX 260 - 216 SSC

The current drivers seem to refresh the monitor input a few times and then minimize the game - the driver "recovers from a crash" until it finally dies. Beta drivers make the GPU crash (I think), the computer stays on and I can hear sounds from voip but the screen is black and does not recognize an input. Older driver installers fail. I cannot play the game for more than 60 seconds. Blizz please help us out.
Hi Joefro,

I did as you suggested and it seemed to work. I managed to play uninterrupted for about ten minutes and then the driver began to crash. It seemed to crash repeatedly (escalating to every ten seconds or so) although it no longer minimizes. I also have all the settings on low and shadows turned off. Thank you for posting your remedy, it's progress - and phyxion has some cool stuff!

Here's what I did:
-Ran Driver Sweeper on all NVIDIA software (Reboot)

-Installed fresh 295.73 drivers -custom without 3D as someone else had claimed that helped (Reboot)

-Had no problems for about ten minutes and then repeated input refreshes at an increasing rate with no minimization. Still unplayable but cleaning the old driver files seems to have helped if only marginally.
guys any solution? Steel nothing?
this metod..."Go into your Control Panels > User Accounts > Turn on the Guest Account
Close Control Panels
Shift+Right-click the Diablo 3 exe and select Run as a different user
Enter Guest with no password when prompted to log in"
get 1-2 hours play for me but...steel... black fuc.. screen ;/
BLIZZARD ANYTHING? Still playing at 40fps here on old drivers. Hello?
WAKE UP BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Error 3005's and it keeps minimizing to desktop! This issue is specific to this game.
Hi !

Posting all in the same thread really don't help ! ^^

Welcome! Please Read Before Posting
Please make new posts for your own issue, except where a solution has already been posted.

If you have a Nvidia CG, did you tried this ?


This is a D3 issue hands down, others on this message board have found a fix.

go to "My Documents/Diablo III" open D3Prefs.txt and find "DisableTriliniarFiltering" and set it to 1.

save and then try Diablo 3 again, i bet this will fix all your issues, for some reason after the recent patching Triliniar filtering has been causing mass video card heat issues and a lot of frame rate issues.

Also verify that your Nvidia drivers are profiling Diablo 3 correctly i have read/seen this issue as well.
undercloking core and memory on video card about 100-200mhz below factor(i have9800GTX+). it seems work...4hours and no screen ;)
core: 745 ---> 650
memory: 1100 ---> 950
Nothing else.. with software or hardware or some setting in game.

This metod works for me in 100%. (no fuc.. black screen).

All High only no antyaliasing (the characters looking better for me but probably its only my opinion) and 60 FPS (just in case).
I have a GT8800 and it runs at anything from 50-75 degrees Celsius and it runs diablo 3 fine as long as i keep the fps below 25 !!! anything above 25 it does the stupid screen thing. it's not the greatest but i can play so who cares. just inputting that i resolved my problem by lowering my frame rate but would love a proper fix to this problem purely because it's extremely frustrating for anyone who cannot really play at all. also i found that a lot of my problem had a lot to do with my super awesome amazing cpu which is the spectacular intel 2.33Ghz dual core but by assigning processors to everything in the background and running diablo 3 the other one, not saying everyone on here has crappy processors like me but for those who do this might be the fix you need. XD

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