Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

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Still waiting for a response Blizz, come on.
so was this a dream.. was the release date really 15th may...himmm.. not rly?
Hey guys. Try to run display as "Fullscreeen Windowed". It works for me.
05/15/2012 10:10 PMPosted by SOLDIER
Hey guys. Try to run display as "Fullscreeen Windowed". It works for me.

I've tried everything possibly on my end that I could. This is all up to Blizzard now but apparently they can't even keep the servers up long enough to address our issue.

Not that they feel it pertinent anyway.
Myself I get to watch to video in the beginning with Cain being hit with the falling star, then I play. I however if I exit the game and go to relaunch it, all I get is a black screen with the sounds of crows and the diablo mouse pointer.....and eventually itll fail with a grey box that I have to type in what I was doing before it died. Now this will continue to occur every single time I launch the game unless I "Reset game preferences" through the options menu in the launcher. Then I can once again watch the video and continue where I left off. But once I exit and come back screen with mouse pointer.

Mine isn't ALT+TABing me back and forth I just get that

Forgot to note im on a Geforce GT 540m
Same issues same card...GTS 250
Same problem screen turns Black.....flashes to desktop returns to D3 and my corpse if I'm lucky...otherwise it crashes...NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
Bump. I've found alt+tabbing out buys you a few more minutes between instances.
Any word on a fix for this yet? I have a 9800 GTX and getting the same problem
I lowered my FPS to about 80 and enabled the V-Sync (to match up with your monitor's refresh rate) and that seemed to give me more time between problems. But realistically, again, this shouldn't be happening in the first place and I'll be waiting for official word/fix from Blizzard hopefully by the end of the week.
Bump it up
Update: lowering the framerate into the 60-80 range lengthens the time between 'black screen of lags', but the problem still occurs often enough to make the game unplayable (every 4-5 minutes). I was in the closed beta and had no problems at that time. Hopefully this will be addressed soon or I'll have to go back to other games.
same problem with gts 250
Same issue here too.. Lags, flicks to black screen/desktop. GTS250. Bump
Same problem GEForce 8600
With the EVGA Precision Tool (Nvidia GTX 260) I was able to bump my GPU fan speed up to 80% and played over an hour, full settings, no black screen. Happy to play, not happy to have to have jumped my fan that high. Please Blizz give us something for this. (Framerate 60)
this should be stickied, it is clearly a widespread issue

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