Asking me to activate account?

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When I try to install the game I am asked to activate account and when I say I already have one. It still wont install, and asks to insert disc or go to reinstall? I preordered months ago!! Ahh :( Help
to "activate" the account, I would assume:
-Go to,
-created/logged into your account,
-click the Manage My Games,
-select the Games & Codes tab, -> Add or Upgrade a Game,
-enter in the D3 code. Assuming you have the disc, the code is written on the piece of paper inside the cd case.

Have you done that already?
I have the same error. I've already activated and already typed in my code zzz
Thanks yes, it's already activated. It was a digital purchase and it shows on my account :(
its a classic problem on that forum, i have same problem.

You dont have complete download of your files thats why the instalation asking about cd/dvd.
To fix it try start downloader again > point him to directrory with your downloaded files > wait till end > every thing ok ( by blizzard ), by me still same result > instert cd/dvd.
I think I got it! Thanks :)
I got mine when I did the year Subscription with WOW...Hoping I am not going to have the same issues, D3 has shown in my Game info for months now.

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